Wilder Work Days

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Join us on our very first: Wilder Work Day

Get off the beaten track and meet like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders looking to ground their personal and business growth.

Professional coaches X regenerative farmers coach wilder ways of thinking about business growth to better sustain you and your team in the longer-term.

You will leave the farm with a new model of regenerative thinking you can apply immediately to yourself, your business, and your people.

After sharing a delicious two-course lunch all grown in the one-acre regenerative farm surrounding you.

Special first-time rate - £195

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Energy-positive Away Days that restore people, planet, and your sense of place.

Our Away Days take people into restorative and deeply grounding spaces where people can reconnect with themselves, one another, and a sense of place.

Professional learning and development, team-coaching in diversity and inclusion, co-creating growth strategies. Whatever development and connection challenge your team has, our team of professional coaches, rewilders and regenerative farmers can carefully cultivate a restorative away day. Within the wild space that best suits your team’s needs.

Come back time and time again as the space you invest in evolves throughout the seasons deepening your connection to a wilder, more awe-inspiring sense of place.