Escape the mundane

Release Your Team’s Potential with Wilder.Work

Escape cliche team building events, tedious PowerPoint led strategy sessions, screen-based learning and pastry fuelled networking and try working wilder instead.

Getting out of your worn out comfort zone and embracing your natural surroundings not only increases your sense of well-being and overall resilience but boosts connectivity, strategic thinking, and creativity to boot.

At Wilder.Work, we delve deeper than a mere change of scenery. We interlace business dynamics with wilder ways of working to spark significant organisational and personal outcomes.

Our events, whether at a regenerative farm, a rewilding site, or foraging in a forest, are infused with three essential elements: wilder people, wilder places, and wilder food and drink. We guide people from a place of distant admiration to an active role within nature’s productive and purposeful cycles.

Escape The Mundane
Orange lines

Wilder.Work currently offers the following:

off sites

Team-Off Sites

Create unforgettable, seasonally inspired celebrations that strengthen team bonds and enhance wellness and connection, both within the team and towards your business.


Strategy Day

Clearly differentiate your business by harnessing the natural energy of a Wilder.Work day to inspire entirely new and innovative thinking.



Break your network free of the standard hotel, restaurant and office space environments and create an inclusive space where individuals can network – but a bit wilder for a change! 

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