Team Off-sites

Share your business values, passions, and interests with us, and we’ll craft the ideal off-site experience. 

We have a range of activities that can give you much needed outside air in the colder months. From grape-harvesting and wine tasting at an organic micro-winery; to foraging and cooking over an open flame with a Michelin-rated chef in winter; adventurous hikes or cycling to secluded locations with pre-prepared open fire feasts. 

Spring and summer brings opportunities to construct no-dig beds and planting at regenerative farms , through to celebrations in wildflower meadows under spacious tents, complete with dancing, open-fire chefs, and on-site glamping in summer.

If it’s wilder, we can make it a reality with our extensive network of wilder people, places, and food and drink options.

team Off-site
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