Strategy Days in Nature: More than just a Meeting

A picture of four people drinking local Kent wine in a polytunnel at autumn

Last week, Wilder.Work hosted a strategy day that surpassed any such event I’ve been on before and the feedback from the team thankfully showed they all agreed.

The occasion ended with a tasting session in a bloom filled polytunnel, where participants had a tasting of distilled liquors from local waste produce that knocked the socks off their big brand equivalents.

Through the talents of the regenerative local suppliers Wilder.Work coalesced – together we created an immersive experience, with the necessary creative stimulus, for a differentiating business strategy to be born.

The health-tech team we hosted, had an enriching team-building day amidst two very different regenerative farm businesses and got a good way through their five-year business plan in just one day. All made possible by the blend of stimulating and serene environments that create a powerful selection of business growth and development metaphors to share throughout the day.

Alongside nature, what made this experience, was the journey and pivot stories shared by the individuals across the regenerative businesses we met that day. One of the UK’s leading regenerative farmers Doug Wanstall shared his transformation story of how he turned Bank farm into a thriving workspace by focusing on sustainability and adopting a consumer-centric approach, he rediscovered his purpose. Pleasant Land Distillery’s founder, Sebastian Barnick. spoke of his transition from winemaking to distilling spirits – a shift that led him to discover his true passion.

Rebel Farm’s Ed Kyrke-Smith highlighted his journey of converting tree surgery waste into a productive market garden. Ex Caravanne and Boys Hall head chef, Shane Pearson, wowed us with his culinary open fire inspired masterpieces of Planked Fish over Fire and Infused Charcoal Custard, inspired by the hyper-local ingredients of our surroundings.

The narratives, environments and flavours of these personal and professional transitions underlined the power of embracing change to forge a new path forward. Opening the team’s minds to the powerful potential of investing in deep strategic thinking to creative meaningful and sustainable futures.

So many of the brilliant brands I’ve been fortunate enough to work on in my career have been inspired by what the founders needed themselves. As a PR agency owner for ten years,  I needed the open and calming space of nature to co-create and distill our vision for the future and a professional coach to steer that into a cohesive and effective strategy. 

Wilder.Work wants to get people out of indoor urban settings into nature to reinvigorate teams and refresh their perspectives so they can create truly differentiating ideas and business strategies. And along the way, nurture a deeper bond with nature and celebrate with those working with it,  to drive sustainability, connection, and growth between us all.