Our experiential approach to learning at Wilder.Work

One of the core approaches we take at Wilder.Work is learning through experience…to put it simply – learning by doing.

When we learn through doing, we open up a whole new world of analysis and reflection, using all our senses to help us make new connections between the activity we are doing and the lessons we are learning.

We help you to absorb information through practising, reviewing, learning.

Every individual benefits from this approach, with no reliance on education, experience, background, or culture…it’s an active process that lends itself to inclusion of individual preferences and experiences, with every learning interaction creating different connections for each of us.

The main principles of experiential learning are:

Process over outcomes

Focus is on the learning process. Our brains are incredible…did you know that the brain is able to actually change its physical structure as a result of learning? With every interaction, our neural networks are constantly rewiring themselves and connecting the different ideas and experiences together, to create a richer, more rounded representation. Our ideas that start as small seeds, form, and then continue to develop through the experiences we have, and create long lasting behavioural change which enables us to apply this knowledge as we navigate through life.

The process of learning is grounded in experience

To learn, we must push boundaries. We must go outside of what we know and test new experiences. Experiential learning involves refining and modifying old ideas, as well as planting and nurturing news ones…and all of this takes places through experiences. At Wilder.Work we help you connect with a new playground in which to learn – using re-wilding spaces and ecological metaphors to facilitate new experiences and ways of thinking.

Learning is a transactional process

Between learner and the environment. This is where 1+1 doesn’t = 2…but so much more. The transactions that take place result in experience and knowledge that can be used in wider contexts because the knowledge gained is the result of testing ideas, refining concepts, and practice…rather than learning by rote. The learning gained gives you the ability to think wider and find different solutions…and when we add this to collaboration and utilising the diversity of thought of the group…suddenly the possibilities are endless…

On our Wilder.Work days, we provide the environment, the coaching support, and the opportunity to learn…the connections you make in this immersive environment, the reflections you come away with, and the lessons you take forward…they are all unique to you.