10 wonderful reasons to book a Wilder-Work Day 

Two women smiling in a polytunnel

  1. Get more done in less time: On a Wilder-Work Day, you can fit in a strategy day, professional coaching, a wellness day, volunteering, outdoor exercise, learning new skills, building your business network, and connecting with nature – all in just one day. This makes all these activities even more effective, especially if you book in with us on a quarterly program with coaching.
  2. Experience learning through action: Traditional learning methods can be time-consuming, costly, and ineffective. On a Wilder-Work Day, we offer experiential learning, using neuroscientific approaches (RAD, SCARF, and AGES) to learning. Our joyful, novel, and sensory-focused days at our Wilder.Work sites will leave you brimming with new ideas and fresh perspectives, feeling recharged and energized.
  3. Find deeper purpose: Our Wilder-Work Days take you on a journey of discovering re-wilding through all your senses to help you connect to a deeper, innate sense of purpose. We design our days to keep bringing your actions back to your purpose so that you feel grounded in it long after you’ve left the re-wilding site.
  4. Language matters: Traditional business language is often based on military, war, and production, which can entrench hierarchies and shape our thinking to be top-down and aggressive. Wilder-Work wants to create a new lexicon in business – an ecology-based set of metaphors to inspire inclusive thinking and fresh ideas.
  5. Embrace diversity and inclusion: Biodiversity grows resilience, innovation, efficiency and stability, just as diversity does in business. By witnessing it in action on our re-wilding sites, we help leaders develop creative approaches to building truly diverse businesses that thrive on every level.
  6. Improve your wellbeing: Spending time in nature has been proven to reduce stress, improve mood, and increase overall wellbeing. By incorporating outdoor activities and sensory experiences into our Wilder-Work Days, we provide a unique opportunity for you to improve your physical and mental health.
  7. Disconnect to connect with new people and fresh ideas: We create a digital-free zone on our Wilder-Work Days, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature, discover new ways of working, pause for reflection, and apply new knowledge and perspectives back into your own business. Then, you can enjoy a delicious lunch grown in the ground surrounding you with new friends and colleagues.
  8. Give back to your community: We plan to involve at least 45 minutes of volunteering on the re-wilding sites we visit. Connecting with a re-wilding site by doing is the best way to connect with the re-wilding process and start re-wilding yourself a little, too. 
  9. Enjoy delicious food: Sitopia Farm, one of our re-wilding site partners, is on a mission to create a better food system in South-East London and beyond. Our Wilder-Work Days include a two-course lunch featuring locally sourced, fresh, and nutritious ingredients. We also offer options such as local chefs, BBQ dinners in the field, and foraging.
  10. Build long-term relationships: Wilder.Work is about building long-term, sustainable relationships between businesses and re-wilding spaces to deepen connections and resilience in the long run for both. Come and test the ground with us on the 16th May and find out if you want to create a Wilder place to work.