The Wilder.Work approach to coaching

At Wilder.Work our coaching focus is on creating conscious connections.

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As EMCC accredited coaches and mentors, with many hours and years of experience, we are trained and practiced in many different techniques, practices, and methods. While we will always dip into different areas, depending on what the coachee needs, we both have a very aligned approach to coaching which we have brought with us into Wilder.Work

  1. We work with the whole person.

Quite often you will come to a coaching session with something specific you want to work through. As we travel through the coaching session together and build a relationship where we walk alongside you, we are listening. Not only to what you say, but the gaps that remain unfilled, the meaning behind the stories you tell, the metaphors you use, the fear behind the words…all help us to create meaningful questions that will help you dig deeper. To connect that leaf to the branch, and the branch to the tree, to its trunk and to its roots. To understand and create deeper connections.

We believe that you are capable of finding the answers, capable of recovery and capable of learning. We are here to support, guide and evoke transformation so that the learning creates ripples in all areas of your life, and is interconnected to create balance.

  1. We work with your natural energy flow. 

Your energy flow is important and has an impact on your mood, your balance, and your stress levels. We understand this. During our sessions, we work with you to help you consciously observe your energy levels and the ebbs and flow of how different conversations and activities feel. We help you recognise your strengths, those that light you up and energise you, and we support you in learning how to bring that energy balance into your life. Although we may challenge you at times, we are compassionate in our approach and learning goes at your pace, always.

  1. We dance in the moment with you.

The conversations we have with you are powerful and transformational. They are a dynamic interchange within a trusted relationship. We actively listen to not only hear your words, but to understand your mood, the nuances, and the emotions behind the words. We dance with you in the moment – we collaborate and connect with equal power in the relationship, moving us both forward in this journey. We will not offer you solutions but support you in finding the right pathway and avenues to explore. We will hold the space for you to be vulnerable, to be brave, to be curious. To move forward at your own pace within the support and safety of our sessions.

  1. We stay curious.

We focus on asking the questions that go deeper. The questions that will help you unlock the connections and join the dots between the different areas of life, having the lightbulb moments that create far reaching ripples into other areas of your life.

When we are curious and when we learn and start to explore different pathways, we see the change. The new behaviours. Our coaching helps you to activate your curiosity again, to use your imagination and explore the possibilities. Within your brain, this new energy starts to create new neural pathways. Pathways which become the structure for new behaviours, habits, new attitudes, new expectations, because they are built on those neural pathways.

We hold the space for you to breathe and focus on moving forward.

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“I can say that having worked with Holly for just a month, our whole outlook has changed for the better. She’s helping us navigate some big changes, with a huge amount of compassion and care. We have unlocked a lot energy and drive thanks to her guidance, and importantly are implementing structures that will help us grow.”

Sam, Catch Comms

“Zoe is an excellent coach. She has a very natural and friendly way of approaching all issues. You immediately feel you are in a ‘safe zone’, a comfort zone where it is very easy to discuss all topics. She has a fascinating ability to understand and summarise everything we have talked about during the session. Zoe makes you reflect a lot and find answers to a lot of questions. I would definitely recommend her.”


Vanessa, EIT Urban Mobility

“Zoe is very skilled in establishing a relation of trust from the beginning. She made it easy for me to open myself and face my walls. I would say she is also a master of questioning, thanks to her ability of constantly raising questions and bouncing on what you say she manages to make you reflect on yourself, your behaviour and make you evolve. I would definitely recommend her as a coach.”

Christophe, Finance Manager