A Nature-Led Framework for Growing your Business

After the success of our sell-out Wilder.Work Preview Day, we are introducing a framework for business development, leadership, and entrepreneurialism based on the principles of permaculture.

These 12 principles, derived from observing patterns in nature, have proven to be transformative in farming, restoring soil health, natural ecosystems, and fostering the well-being of farmers and communities through access to quality food.

But essentially they’re business design principles based on and the applications of these principles go beyond farming. Whether you’re in the medcomms industry, construction, jewelry design, or coaching, these 12 principles can restore our connection to our innate abilities as entrepreneurs and leaders. They serve as a guiding route to tap into a more natural sense of rhythm and focus, shaping the way we build and operate our businesses with alignment and purpose.

Permaculture serves as a starting point for exploring the concept of re-wilding, as it focuses on designing productive and sustainable human-centered systems. Just like our businesses, permaculture seeks to create harmonious and regenerative environments.

It’s worth noting that the principles of permaculture, developed by Australian author David Holmgren, align closely with the core principles found in indigenous wisdom and traditional ecological knowledge. These ancient cultures thrived in harmony with nature, and their knowledge offers valuable insights for modern businesses. Acknowledging this transfer of wisdom is essential for grounding ourselves in a meaningful sense of productivity, especially when it often feels like we’re constructing virtual monuments through PowerPoint presentations and emails.

At Wilder.Work, we are committed to pushing these principles into the business realm to compound the benefits of re-wilding. By infusing a deeper sense of ecological purpose into our economy, we can foster greater sustainability, well-being, and resilience. Our aim is to shift away from disconnected and extractive practices and embrace a more harmonious and regenerative approach to business.

Together, we can leverage the wisdom of permaculture, indigenous knowledge, and nature itself to shape a future where our businesses thrive while restoring the health of our planet and ourselves.

The 12 principles of permaculture, as outlined by David Holmgren, are as follows:

Our next blog focuses on how these principles map across into business