Wilder off-sites for teams

Wilder.Work curates wilder team off-sites to strategise, learn and connect.

We curate unique, memorable and impactful days that get your teams into nature,

From regenerative farms to foraging in a forest, our Wilder.Work events are infused with three essential elements: wilder people, wilder places, and wilder food and drink.

Together our team of professional coaches, chefs, regenerative farmers and re-wilders offer fresh perspectives to reinvigorate teams and businesses. Leading to truly differentiating business outcomes.

We delve deeper than a change of scenery: we interlace business dynamics with wilder ways of working to spark significant organisation and personal outcomes.

Our “Learn – Do – Think – Embed” approach ensures that all members within a team can participate fully so they can then internalise and implement the connections, strategies and learnings they develop.

While teams work towards achieving remarkable business outcomes, they also indulge in fantastic food, fun activities, and bonding experiences that connect with people on a deeper level.

Wilder.Work is about getting involved in nature and engaging in tactile experiences that fuse learning with fun.

And by choosing Wilder.Work – a social impact business – you are giving back to the wildness too.

Women stand in a regenerative farm with arms of kale that has gone to seed.
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Woman with holding a plant