Wilder off-site adventures

We help founders get back off the beaten track.

We help bring a sense of wildness, adventure and creativity back into the soul of enterprises.

We help entrepreneurs and their teams connect with why they started their business and bring it back into their everyday work and lives.

We open the minds of teams so they can go from good to amazing in their strategic and creative thinking to truly differentiate their business.

We do this by curating unique, memorable, and impactful Wilder experiences that get teams physically off the beaten track into nature led experiences that will blow minds and tastebuds!

The creatively curated off-sites in nature we build stack learning, thinking, strategy development, well-being, giving-back, connection, fantastic food, drink, and fun, all into one affordable trip.

Women stand in a regenerative farm with arms of kale that has gone to seed.
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Professional coaching

Our professional coaches capture organisational, and team needs to then build a one-off, or coordinating series, of away days to address real business challenges. From longer-term strategy, new business development or inclusion and diversity.

Based in wilder places, abundant and diverse in nature, all our Wilder.Work events innovatively fuse three essential elements to meet business objectives: wilder people, wilder places, and wilder food.

We delve deeper than a change of scenery: we interlace business dynamics with wilder ways of working to spark significant organisation and personal outcomes

And by choosing Wilder.Work – a social impact business – you are giving back to the wildness too.

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